This is the list where all OCs are.

Owned by LucyQuinnEvans

Phoenix Dullback - Asian; Chinese; Medium sized; Black hair and eyes; Girlfriend of Fred Weasley II

Ivy Parkinson - British; Tall and Poised; Blonde hair and hazel green eyes; Girlfriend of Scorpius Malfoy

Ella Brown - British; Dirty blonde hair and brown eyes; Girlfriend of Hugo Weasley

Arielle Bell - British; Brown hair and eyes; Girlfriend of Sean Finnigan

Sean Finnigan - Scottish; Brown hair and eyes; Boyfriend of Arielle Bell

Piper Griffiths - British; Blonde/Brown hair and eyes

Alison Cathleen - Japanese-British; gothish; black/brown eyes and naturally brown hair; dyed white blonde hair

Hazel Lupin - British; Twin sister of Emerald Lupin; pale blonde hair; hazel eyes

Vignette Weasley - British; blonde; blueish gray eyes

Amanda Grayson - British; brunette; green/hazel eyes

Silver Lee - Korean; blonde; brown eyes; Girlfriend of Henry Park

Henry Park - Korean; blonde; brown eyes; Boyfriend of Silver Lee

Ga-Yun Hong - Korean; brown hair and eyes; Friends with Henry Park and Silver Lee

Owned by LiveOutLoud

Rosalie Black - British; Medium sized; Brown hair and eyes

Emerald Lupin - British; Tall; Blonde hair and emerald eyes

Madison Stone- American; Tall; Blonde hair and green eyes

Stefani Johnson - Italian; Brown hair and eyes

Owned by FinchelFreak

Samantha Evans - British; Ginger hair and brown eyes

Owned by PandaChex

Evie Alden - British; blonde hair; blue eyes; Gryffindor

Jasper Cauley - British; black hair; blue/green eyes; Gryffindor; younger brother of Chantal Cauley

Chantal Cauley - British; auburn hair; black/brown eyes; Gryffindor third year; older sister of Jasper Cauley

Karen Malfoy - British; blonde hair; blue/hazel/brown eyes; Gryffindor; Cousin of Scorpius Malfoy; animagus